Property Program

Property Program

The MMIA Property Program provides coverage for a range of risks to member cities’ property. The Program was developed in response to membership requests for this form of coverage and began on July 1, 1998. The Property Program includes coverage for buildings, vehicles, and construction equipment as well as coverage for animals, art, and property with historical significance.  An invaluable part of the program is the Liability/Property Claims Unit that adjusts all property claims on behalf of the MMIA member cities.

Today, the Property Program has 114 incorporated cities and towns that participate as members.

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Property Program Contacts

Property Program Contacts (Claims)

Name Position Phone Number
Email an MMIA EmployeeAnn Komac Claims Manager 406-495-7011
Email an MMIA EmployeeMark Gauthier Liability/Property Claims Adjuster Supervisor 406-495-7007
Email an MMIA EmployeeMatt Heidinger Liability/Property Claims Adjuster I 406-495-7034
Email an MMIA EmployeeMatt Post Liability/Property Claims Adjuster I 406-495-7015
Email an MMIA EmployeeNatalie Gallup Liability/Property Claims Adjuster II 406-495-7005
Email an MMIA EmployeeKady Griego Claims Technician 406-495-7012
Email an MMIA EmployeePatty Kautz Claims Technician 406-495-7000

Not sure who to contact? Contact the Liability/Property team at or 800-635-3089 option 3

Property Program Contacts (Property Schedules)

Name Position Phone Number
Email an MMIA EmployeeBritani Laughery Operations Manager 406-495-7004