Know where your dough goes…

The MMIA is a self-funded public entity pool owned by the cities and towns of Montana. A public entity pool is an arrangement through which a group of public entities contribute to a shared fund that pays for claims and provides risk management services. The pool spreads risk (claim costs) and benefits (cost savings) among all Member-Owners. Spreading the risk and benefits provides protection to the individual entities from the volatility of claim costs.

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Pools also benefit from long-term stabilized pricing for Member-Owners rather than the sometimes-volatile increases or decreases in the commercial insurance market. Public entity pooling meets the needs of local municipalities with programs and services gained through extensive knowledge of public entity activities and risks. The primary purpose of any public entity pool is to manage and reduce underlying risks to the benefit of public entity Member-Owners and the public at large.

MMIA collaborates with Member-Owners to create, foster, and manage safe environments to minimize personal injury, bodily injury, physical damage, property damage, and workplace injuries. The MMIA provides self-funded coverage to Member-Owners through the Property Program, Liability Program, Worker’s Compensation Program, and Employee Benefits Program. You can lower your costs by participating in unique risk management programs as well as engaging with the experienced professionals at MMIA to learn how to manage your risk.

The MMIA staff can help Member-Owners with coverage questions, identifying liability exposures, navigate a multitude of employment practices and hiring concerns, workplace safety, and daily circumstances that arise. MMIA staff can collaborate with Member-Owners to develop and implement practices that achieve goals by effective strategic execution. No question is too silly. No scenario too far-fetched. No need is too small for MMIA to help our Member-Owners. Whether you have a hiring question, a liability scenario to review, or you want to become part of our Lexipol Pilot Initiative to advance your Police Department’s policy and training standards, assistance is a just a phone call or email away. If you have programs or recreation facilities for kids such as swimming pools, sports leagues, day care, or summer camps, etc., we strongly encourage you to take part in the Child Abuse Prevention Program to assess, develop, and implement a strong plan to protect the children and your community. We have partnered with Praesidium Inc. to give you access to their step-by-step on-line tool that guides you through the assessment, creation, and ongoing development phases to sharpen your prevention program. MMIA is available to get you started and assist you with the process.

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