About Us

Who Are We?

The Montana Municipal Interlocal Authority (MMIA) is a member-owned and member-driven organization that provides self-funded employee benefit, liability, property, and workers' compensation coverage to incorporated cities and towns of Montana.


MMIA was established so that cities and towns could achieve the stability they needed when the commercial insurance market was unavailable as a resource. MMIA pools the resources of our municipal members to provide quality, cost-effective, self-funded coverage and risk management services. Because we focus specifically on cities and towns, MMIA is able to be consistent, reliable and responsive to our members’ ever-changing needs.

Historical Perspective

The availability and affordability of insurance is cyclical. In the mid-1980s, government agencies were experiencing substantial rate increases or cancellations of their liability and workers compensation coverages. Seeing that a solution from private industry was not an option, the cities and towns of Montana came together to create their own solution, forming the MMIA in 1986. Decades later, the MMIA has successfully grown in scope, expertise, and stability for the benefit of our members.

Looking Forward

Our Mission

Pooling resources to provide quality, cost-effective risk management services, including education and training, and self-funded coverage for all Montana cities and towns.

Our Vision

Improve and innovate our members’ coverages, services, and risk management practices by collaborating with key partners, contributing to overall stability for Montana cities and towns.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Customer-Focused Service and Programs
  • Financial Soundness
  • Accountability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Safe and Healthy Work Environment
  • Teamwork and Collaboration

Become a Member

An incorporated Montana city or town can elect to join any or all of the coverage programs, depending on their individual needs, with one exception. A city or town must be a member of the liability program to participate in the property program.

Incorporated cities and towns of Montana may apply to join the MMIA at any time. Submissions should be completed well in advance of the expiration of their current coverage and may include involvement of their governing body. Don’t delay, call 800-635-3089 to join the MMIA today!