Risk Management Awards

The spirit of this award is to identify a person, group, department or entire member that has demonstrated an exceptional effort to manage risk or prevent losses. The award can acknowledge risk management effort within any of our coverage programs: Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Property or Employee Benefits.

The Winner’s actions should demonstrate to all of our membership what we envision as a good example. Examples of behavior for nomination could include:

  • Great safety culture within a department;
  • an innovative return-to-work program;
  • cooperative policies and procedures between departments to reduce risks, or
  • an employee team that has made changes in their work processes to reduce potential accidents, or anything that has shown a proactive effort that also furthers the MMIA’s goals of minimizing losses.

If you have a nomination that you believe fits into one of the above descriptions, please complete the BWRMAA nomination form for your nominee to be considered.