Montana Amended Rules for Community AED Programs

Montana Amended Rules for Community AEP Programs. Get Resources

Montana Amended Rules for Community AED Programs

Effective November 21, 2020, the State of Montana amended the Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) related to automated external defibrillators (AED) including ARMs 37.104.601, 37.104.604, 37.104.606, 37.104.615 and 37.104.616. MMIA encourages cities and towns with AED programs to review the amended rules and update their programs as necessary to comply with the changes.

 Where can the amended rules be viewed?

On the Montana SOS Administrative Rules website.

Does MMIA  have sample AED programs that member-owners can use?

Yes, MMIA has a sample written program and sample AED inspection form that member-owners can customize to meet their needs. Sample materials are included as attachments on the right. For more details, contact the MMIA risk management department at 800-635-3089 or via email.