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Schedule Your Biometric Health Screening

If you live near these locations:


You can register now for screening dates between
July 1-Sept. 30, 2018
(First-time registration code MMNA3)
Phone: 1-855-200-6822

For all other locations, click the button below to schedule your screening through It Starts With Me.

Company Code: 8242741

View a full schedule of It Starts With Me Screenings (updated June 26, 2018)

Phone: 1-866-932-6467

Incentive Activity Details

$50 — Complete Engage Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and watch video

  1. Log into Engage (
  2. Complete your HRA and watch the video* using the button on the Health Risk Assessment & Video Tile

*These activities will be automatically logged, but you will not see your incentive credit for completing them until after July 1.

$50 — 80% Participation

If 80% of eligible employees in your city/town have a health screening, then all eligible participants, including spouses, who got a health screening will get an extra $50.  The results will be posted in October.

$50 — Get an immunization or an age– and gender-appropriate cancer screening

Your immunization or cancer screening must take place within the plan year (July 1-June 30).

Eligibility for immunizations and screenings is based on recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force*. View the list of eligible screenings and immunizations. Timing and appropriateness of any screening(s) or immunization(s) should be determined by consulting your provider. Your activity must be sent as a claim to Allegiance or Proact and will then be automatically reported to the Engage portal. It could take up to two months to appear in the portal.
*PSA tests will not count toward this incentive.

$50 — Biometric Screening between July 1 and September 30

Complete a screening at an on-site clinic through It Starts With Me (ISWM) or a Montana Health Center located in Helena, Missoula, Anaconda, Butte, and Billings. ISWM schedule coming soon or look above for instructions on how to make an appointment at a Montana Health Center. Your screening results and incentive will appear in the Engage portal in one to two weeks after your screening is completed.

$50 — Engage with a Get Wellthy Health Coach*

  1. Complete your biometric screening.
    Wait 1-2 weeks for your biometric screening results to show up on the Engage portal.
  2. Click, “Schedule Follow-up” on the “Engage with Get Wellthy Health Coach” tile.
  3. Complete your call with the certified health coach within 45 days of when your biometric screening results posts to the Engage portal.
    *You must get a biometric screening to qualify for this incentive.

Step-by-step instructions on how to register for the Healthspective Engage Portal

  1. Go to
  2. Click, “GetWellthy” under the ENGAGE icon.
  3. Enter your personal information. You do not need to enter an “Invitation Code” under Groups.
  4. After you click, “Register,” you will be asked to verify your personal information in order to join the MMIA group. Please enter your information as it appears on your benefit ID card. This is an important step to protecting your private information.

Step-by-step instructions on how to collect your incentive dollars on the Healthspective Engage Portal

No physical gift cards will be distributed this year. If you complete an incentive, activity, you will access and collect your reward by doing the following:

  1. Log into
  2. Click “MY REWARDS” in the top right corner
  3. Choose a reward option. You may choose from a variety of digital gift cards in $25 or $50 increments, direct deposit into your bank account, or a combination of both.

More Information

If you’re having trouble with the portal, call DHS Group, who manages the HealthSpective Engage portal, by emailing or calling 1-832-201-8500 (option 2) and leave a message. A team member will get back to you shortly. For questions about the incentive activities, and more, call MMIA Employee Benefits at 1-800-635-3089 option 4.

This program is developed in compliance with the EEOC wellness rules and does not violate anti-discrimination laws as laid down by the Americans with Disabilities Act and Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act. Participation in this program is voluntary. MMIA maintains the privacy and security of your personally identifiable health information. For more information, visit