Employee Benefits

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Employee Benefits Program

Contact the MMIA Employee Benefits Program at
1-800-635-3089 option 4.

The MMIA Employee Benefits program is a self-funded health benefit pool covering the employees, retirees and families of 85 Montana cities and towns. MMIA is a local government entity, not an insurance company. Participants' monthly premiums and the cities’ and towns’ contribution go into a pool that is used to pay for medical, prescription, dental, and vision claims. MMIA contracts with various vendors to process claims and offer cost-saving services to the pool and its participants.

MMIA Employee Benefits Program Contacts

Name Position Extension
Email an MMIA EmployeeAmanda Clark Employee Benefits Program Manager 136
Email an MMIA EmployeeJanet Mackin Enrollment & Eligibility Specialist 128
Email an MMIA EmployeeAlex Smietanka Member Relations Strategist 134
Email an MMIA EmployeeAmanda Burkhart Member Relations Strategist 141
Email an MMIA EmployeeRandi Miller Member Relations Strategist 138

Not sure who to contact? Contact the employee benefits team at ebgroup@mmia.net or 800-635-3089 option 4